Market Research Services

Our Consultants Address Questions on the Following Aspects in Market Research

Environmental and Competitor Analysis

* How healthy/sick is your company?
* Do you know your SWOT status?
* How can you achieve competitive advantage?


* How do you track your customer complaints?
* How to retain existing customers and acquire new ones?
* How can you make your customers satisfied and loyal to you?
* How to do STP (segmentation, targeting and positioning)?
* How can you increase your customer base (business)?


* How can you differentiate your product/service from those of competitors?
* How can you build stronger brand?


* How do you measure the effectiveness of your promotional expenditure?
* Which media will be most effective to communicate your message?
* What promotional mix will result in the maximum outcome (sales)?
* How to maximize the promotional impact for a given amount of budget?
* How to minimize the promotional expense to achieve a given level of impact?


* How will you fix price of your product/service?
* If your competitors change (increase/reduce) prices, what will you do?

Supply Chain Network

* Are your products available at the right place and at the right time?
* Are your marketing channel members satisfied?