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In 2018, total revenue from the pest control market is expected to surpass $12.7 billion. The market itself is ballooning thanks to warmer weather and the ever-growing urban sprawl. So, the question is: what is your pest control company doing to claim a bigger piece of that pie this year?

It seems like it should be easy to get new customers—especially since every homeowner will most likely need your services at least once in their lifetime. But, if you’re short on pest control marketing ideas, you aren’t alone. The marketing industry itself has changed drastically in the past few years, and what worked to get you pest control leads in 2015 probably won’t work next year.

To help you out, I’ve detailed 12 foolproof pest control marketing strategies and ideas that will help you claim a bigger piece of your market’s pie, increase pest control leads and sales, and differentiate your brand in the marketplace:

Top 12 Pest Control Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

  1. Create an amazing website
  2. Optimize SEO
  3. Improve your local SEO
  4. Polish your Google My Business page
  5. Claim/update all your local listings
  6. Make a pest control blog
  7. Shoot a variety of videos
  8. Create easy-to-understand infographics
  9. Use paid ads (PPC)
  10. Generate raving reviews
  11. Test email marketing and marketing automation
  12. Revamp your social media marketing strategy

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