About Us

Introducing Shah and Associates

Shah and Associates (S&A) is a multi-disciplinary applied research organization. It serves as a think tank for promotion of free-market economy in all fields of its endeavor. It aspires to establish a culture of research for demand driven development. S&A is committed to renovate the current trend of the out molted consultancy practices by theory/model-based and innovative technology-adopted research with their action oriented application in the real world situation or at the marketplace. In addition to the general research services, S&A intends to specialize in offering market research services, and information systems and technology conferring services.

S&A takes care of the research need of an enterprise. Its professional team, well known for its commitment to quality, and ethical and moral integrity, devotes itself to serve for the betterment of its clients. It envisions its service offerings to provide the ultimate solutions to clients’ problems.

For managing its projects, S&A strives to tap the inexhaustible intellectual resources of the Faculties of Dhaka University and other institutions to produce something different from the conventional and stereo type wisdom. Through its research, survey undertakings and action oriented studies, S&A seeks to provide an effective platform for exchange of views on the clients’ issues of interest.

Our Vision

The vision of S&A is to conduct research and present findings-free of personal bias, prejudices and preconceptions, and fine-tuned by self-criticism-reflecting the true state of the affairs and activities of an organization, especially the client.

Our Research Approach

Our studies are founded on contemporary theories and models. Unlike the trend of conducting either qualitative or quantitative study, we adopt both approaches, the latter being complemented by the former. For problem solving purposes, S&A applies the procedures of scientific method; starts with relevant theories/models, translates them into workable hypotheses and then tests those empirically to arrive at solutions and conclusions.

Our Services

Our areas of interest include research and survey undertakings relating to socio-economic analysis; poverty alleviation and employment creation; human resource development; gender equality issues and women in development; issues in education, health and family planning; environmental analysis; as well as various functional areas of management. Apart from the general development area, S&A intends to specialize in two areas: market research, and information systems and technology (IST).
In the domain of market research, we offer both full and partial services to our clients. The range of full services includes customized services and internet services that are tailored and suited to the specific needs of each individual client. The partial services include field work, technical and analytical service or data analysis service.
On the other hand, we cater ICT research services related to social, national and economic issues such as national ICT policy, ICT for economic development, ICT for ensuring information right, ICT in sustainable development goal, assessing ICT readiness or acceptance in Bangladesh, ICT in education, health service, women empowerment and agriculture, etc.
In solving problems, we start from the perspectives of the clients as if we are answering the questions posed by them known as the FAQs (frequently asked questions)as can be visualized in the schematic diagrams for the market research and ICT respectively that follow.

Our Team

The team members of Shah and Associates are drawn in from different faculties of the University of Dhaka including other universities and organizations depending on the nature of expertise required to accomplish a particular assignment. The team consists of economists, sociologists, statisticians, environmental analysts, marketing professionals, IT experts, and the like. Besides, graduate and postgraduate students of Dhaka University are also an integral part of the team to assist in generating ideas and conducting field work.
We have experienced and dedicated IT specialists, who develop and integrate IT solutions for projects. Our professionals are capable of implementing applications in Web, Database, Mobile & Smartphone, Customer Relation Management (CRM), Surveys, Cloud, Business Process Outsourcing, and so on. We provide training and long term support for every project, when necessary.
Dr. A. K. Fazlul H. Shah, a professor of Marketing Department, who was Ex-Chairman, Marketing Department, University of Dhaka and founder Vice Chancellor, Eastern University, remains in charge of the S&A’s Chairman. He had his BA (Hons.) and MA from University of Dhaka and MBA and Ph. D from Northeastern University, Boston, USA.